Advertising may be subjective. But make no mistake, its results are B&W.


The Point System and Structure ↓

The B&W Report Rankings are based solely on the work performance at the major regional and international award shows. Jan to Dec of every year.

If at least 4 agencies from the MENA region has participated in any of the listed regional and international award shows, then we would count it in the rankings report.

Pick up awards at these shows, pick up points in the B&W Report. This is the only metric to measure creative excellence and benchmark performance with complete objectivity and based on trusted international and diversified juries across all the regional and international award shows.

— All rankings are calculated according the information you provide on the award shows entry forms. Our knowledge is only as good as the information you provided and confirmed during the award shows entry process and BWR data validation process with the heads of every agency —

— In the course of the award shows annual calendar, people might change jobs, however their names are still credited on the winning work, and that will show in the rankings.—

B&W Report is the only rankings report worldwide that works with full transparency. It is the only report that share the information of which shows were included in the report, the points system and the guidelines of points structure. It is black and white after all.

The exact methodology how the rankings are calculated is described here ↓

  • Client gets full points

A credited client gets full points, irrespective of the entering Agency. For example, if a client wins two awards with two separate agencies, the client gets full points from both awards.

  • Production House, PH Executive Producer, Agency Film Producer, PH Producer and Film Director

Honours those who obtains the most points for winning film and video Entries in the Film, Film Craft, Interactive, Branded content, Mobile, Digital Craft and Entertainment.

  • Designer of The Year

Honours the Designer that obtains the most points for winning Entries in Design, Design Craft, Print, Outdoor and Print Craft.

  • Media Agency of the Year

Honors the Media Agency that obtains the most points for winning Entries in in the Media Category.

  • Client of The Year

Honours only commercial brand clients that spend the whole year in marketing plans and promoting products and services. This category does not include charities, and none profit clients.

  • Companies points are divided if more than one name is provided for one credit

Starting 2019; Where more than one company has been credited for same piece of work, the points will be divided equally between the parties. For example, If gold winner receives 10 points. and two companies are listed under "Agency", each will receive 5 points.

If a company is credited on a winning entry as “additional company” this company will not obtain any of the points that this entry has won.  “Additional Company means a single office of any company credited within an entry as having held a non-Significant role in relation to that entry, which does not attract any points.” 

  • Individuals credited full points are given for each name listed for one credit

Where more than one individual has been credited for same piece of work, each individual will get full points. For example, if gold winner receives 10 points and two Creative Directors are listed, each will receive 10 points.

  • An individual is credited only for one title

A person is only awarded points for the most senior position, even if their name is listed in multiple credits. For example, if someone is credited as Executive Creative Director and Art Director, they will only receive points for Executive Creative Director. if someone is credited as Account Director and Account manager, they will only receive points for Account Director.

If an individual been credited in two different job titles in nature within the same company, we will verify with the agency and credit only the one that is on the business card and they practice all year long and not and exception based on one off project.

  • Top 10 and Top 5

Starting 2018 there will be only TOP 10 announced in every list except in agency of the year it will be the full list. And if any other list that doesn’t complete 10 then it will be Top 5, as we need to introduce new lists to highlight these talents and their role in the industry to push it forward. Any other list that doesn’t make 5 it will be eliminated.

  • Points per award

The points weight vary year on year. The points weight for every trophy depends on various factors that we took in consideration to provide a thorough and fair point system to accurately report on the results. we take in consideration the following factors:

Regional Vs. International competition, The ratio of GP, Gold, Silver, Bronze against the Number of entries in every show. The ratio of Total number of trophies won against the total number of entries. The award system of every award show, like for example if multiple trophies are given for as many single entries is entered for the same campaign, because that increase the total tally of trophies; Also for example how many times the same entry can be entered in different main categories and sub categories. We also take in consideration how many main categories and subcategories in every award show. Accordingly, we assign the weight of the trophy in points.

(Credit start from 10pts)

Dubai Lynx

GP 10pts G 7pts S 4pts B 2pts


GP 12pts G 8pts S 3pts B 1pt


GP 18pts G 9pts S 7pts B 4pts

Cannes Lions

GP 40pts G 21pts S 11pts B 7pts

One Show

G 21pts S 14pts B 9pts


GP 60pts G 30pts S 14pts B 7pts

The B&W Report will add more Lists every year with the objective of representing the industry in more accurate segments.

Also, as the number of winning work increases, The B&W Report Rankings will break down the categories even further. The rules and guideline will also continue to evolve as the industry is evolving.

It’s going to be an exciting year ahead for the industry.

With pen and paper, we at the B&W Report are ready.